At Global Tech Leads, we use particular ranges of creativity from targeting the top 1% clients based on your geographical radius to building an extensive list of backlinks for your accelerated return on investment.

1% Responsive Landing Page

~ Become Unrepeatable with our software.

Your specific landing page needs to carry out two conversion goals with one simple design.
Move your potential clients down a streamlined funnel to a high degree.

Off Site & On-Site SEO

~ Give Your Website Authority.

Your Website needs to display insightful content to be most trusted.
Our Company at Global Tech Leads, govern all the backend strategies for month to month results.

Local Map Takeover Strategy

~ Leverage your legal space.

For Serious Personal Injury Lawyers ONLY. Let us take care of growing your business with our software by generating phenomenal client cases for you every 30 days!
We will transform your business with relevancy in all three categories of your 1.) Ad Section 2.) Google Map Section & your 3.) Organic Section.

Mobile Geofencing Management

~ You are required to have a well designed high call to action overview.

Using our large amount or tools, our map software puts you and your team at the right place at the right time to align you with transforming MONTHLY growing rates.
Let us provide you with the financial freedom you deserve.

Behavioral Targeting Management

~ Experience Real Greatness.

Our complete transparent funnel takeover assignments successfully target the right people for the way your business model is set up. Full transparency is required.
Our specialized team goes in depth for you to know where the precise geolocation of your visitors;which makes a huge difference in your month to month successes.

Press Releases Program

~ Let’s Make Your Industry Attractive Sharing A Segment Of News For Your Business.

Make a bold statement for your potential future clients to have a reason to care about your company’s news.
Tie useful quotes you incorporate to your Press Releases format with a few words describing your business.

Facebook, Instagram, YOUTUBE Lead Generation

~ Change Your Outlook Identity For 2020 And Get Substantial Amounts Of Qualified Legal Leads.

Global Tech Leads implements the right credentials to capture reoccurring leads you have continually missed out on every single month for 12.
Count on our team at Global Tech Leads to originate magnificent stunning video content for your web design.

Photography/Videography Production

~ Vibrancy For Your Personal Injury Practice.

Showcasing your expertise through high-quality production content ending in your results.
Convinced? Professional production with month to month results will bring transformation to you and your business 100 %.