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Nestle and Starbucks, Air France-KLM, Mondelez and Tate’s: CEO Daily for May 7, 2018

Russian Protests
Vladimir Putin’s inauguration today was preceded by massive protests on the weekend, largely organized by arch-nemesis Alexei Navalny, who was not allowed to stand against Putin. According to independent monitors, 1,600 people were arrested in 27 cities, and more than 100 remained in custody on Sunday. “As Putin prepares to start his fifth term, it turns out that there are many who are not prepared to become zombies or turn into serfs of a self-proclaimed tsar,” said Navalny. Financial Times
Californian Solar
The Californian Energy Commission will vote Wednesday on whether to mandate the installation of solar panels on all new homes, condos and apartment buildings of up to three stories. The mandate would be the first at the state level in the U.S., although some more local initiatives are already underway—San Francisco, for example, already requires new builds under 10 stories to come with solar panels. Fortune
Hybrid Debate
Reports in the U.K. have suggested that the government there is planning to crack down on hybrid vehicles that can’t go at least 50 miles on electric power alone, by 2040. The move would whack cars such as the popular Toyota Prius, and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has slammed the government’s “unrealistic targets and misleading messages on bans.” But the transport ministry has denied planning a ban. BBC

Cape Town Water

There’s recently been a flood of articles (pardon the pun) about how Cape Town, South Africa, has “beat the drought” or been “saved from running out of water” through water-saving measures. This one, from NBC, is impressively nuanced, noting how “Day Zero”—when the taps run dry—has only been averted for now. As a native Capetonian, I’d urge you to remember that everything depends on the levels of rainfall during the winter that is now approaching; they need to be impressive to pull the city back from the brink, and we’ll only know later this year how far Day Zero has been staved off. NBC

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