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Do you have a rental at least 30 days old you want to pull cash out?

Do you have a rental at least 30 days old to refinance the rate and term of your rental?

Do you have 3 or more properties you’d like to have a one loan for all?

Do you need a no penalty bridge loan between one you’re selling and a property you want to buy?

Long-term financing, 30 year without balloons
No DTI calculations or income qualification
Flexible fees and payment structures
No sourcing or seasoning of funds
No tax returns or 4506 requirement
30 day ownership seasoning on refinances

Hear From Our Clients


I have worked with their lenders for over three years. I would recommend them to anyone. Their commitment to help fund my expansion has been awesome.

I have worked with their lenders for five years and I still give them five stars. They always provides a fast, easy and consistent lending process. They allow me to focus on finding deals and less time on finding cash.

This is the best experience I have had in tems of service. I have never worked with a company that has personalized the effort like they have.