About Us


Creating art for life’ is not just a slogan, it reflects founder Julie Langdon’s belief that art can enrich and transform our lives. Art and expressing our creativity can bring pleasure, happiness, fulfilment, build self-esteem, mindfulness and literally colour our day.

Like many of us Julie was working long hours and not looking after herself. As a Social Worker and CEO, her life seemed all about others. A serious back injury was the start of a ‘wake-up call’. ‘Work was not everything. I needed to look after myself – this meant changing my eating habits, exercising, learning meditation and embracing my deep love of art and craft. I needed to create a different future. Whilst I still struggle at times, I believe we can all create our own destinies; I am on my way and loving the journey’. Julie Langdon Founder Live4Art.

During Julie’s long period of pain and incapacitation she tried to envisage a different life. She made a number of significant personal changes, and a few years later and launched live4art, sharing her love for fluid art and launching the first of a series of products to help others create beautiful art and express their creativity.

Live4art is committed to sourcing the best products available and designing and creating new tools to enhance the experience and results for the pouring artist. But we are not just about selling products, we want to fill that gap between having products and knowing how to use them, between desire and actuality. It took Julie a long time to find the resources to understand the process and be able to create art like she had admired and been inspired by. People want to start, but don’t know how. Live4art aims to help people access the information they need in an easy to understand format.

We hope you enjoy the website, resources and products. We welcome feedback and questions and look forward to sharing your creative journey with you.