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Pagal Parrot

An interactive blog with the intuitive posts is entertaining the users with the crisp yet meaningful content. It’s not just a blog but a vast niche of knowledge where one can read, understand and act accordingly.

Project Overview

With the blend of entertainment and learning, Pagal Parrot is a unique blog that throws light over all the hot ongoing trends in the different domains.
With the ongoing discussions , developers came to know that the client had a unique perspective and wanted to develop a mobile app
that should not only be responsive but interactive too.

The Challenge

One of the challenges was to develop an app that is easy to use with great functionality strictly according to the responsive designing.
Talking about the performance, developers had to develop a bug free app that should run on minimal battery.
The android hurdle is the hardest to overcome because our developers had to test
its functionality and alignment over varying devices.

The Solution

Our developers put a great effort to develop an application that is completely tech savvy and runs smoothly on different platforms.
A self explanatory app with clear and simple structure studded with the icons to give a completely user friendly experience.
Apart from performance, our developers took a great care of the security issues to make it completely bug free.

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