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Establishing a relationship of trust and confidence is the best way we can help you reach your goals and objectives. At the Hardy Law Firm, we work with you and keep you informed about your case, so you can proceed with confidence as you go through the legal processes associated with your litigation matters.

Located in Columbus, Georgia, the Hardy Law Firm serves clients from across the Chattahoochee Valley Area and all of Middle Georgia who need legal representation for Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Family Law and Civil Asset Forfeiture. In addition to our excellent professional record and skills, we are committed to working closely with our clients and getting to know them and their goals for legal services. This helps us serve our clients best, as we try to make the legal experience a positive for all people that seek our help.


The Hardy Law Firm

Clients who want a Columbus GA Attorney to represent them in any litigation matter will find that attorney at the Hardy Law Firm. When you face criminal charges, are injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligent behavior, are pursuing a divorce or fighting for custody, or want to get your property back taken through Georgia asset forfeiture laws, we can help.

Criminal Defense

Criminal charges can happen to anyone. There are numerous ways to end up being accused of a crime.

Personal Injury

At the Hardy Law,we work with many people who have been injured in accidents that were not their fault.

Family Law

Family Law includes a wide range of issues that affect people who are in relationships or have children.

Asset Forfeiture

You may be able to get your property back after it has been seized through Georgia asset forfeiture laws.

Attorney Chance Hardy

Being able to help people is a driving force that keeps Attorney Chance Hardy committed to his career in law. His strong legal education, zealous advocacy and dedicated service to his clients makes Chance the go-to legal resource in the Columbus, Georgia area for many people. He is a true trial attorney who will take your case all the way, and is ready to provide you with exceptional legal advice, counsel and representation.

Georgia Lawyer

During his career as a Columbus Georgia Lawyer, Attorney Chance Hardy has gained the respect of his peers and clients. Many people seek his legal advice and representation because another satisfied client has recommended Chance Hardy as an excellent client-centered attorney. He enjoys helping people resolve difficult legal matters, as well as helping them manage the simpler legal problems of life.

Take time today to consult with the Hardy Law Firm about your legal concerns. We can help you find justice and get compensation when you or a loved one has been wronged or harmed. Contact our Columbus, GA, law office today to arrange for your initial consultation. Call us now, at (706) 225-2770.

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