About Us

At MindCraft Synergy, we build and implement transformative business models backed by data driven insights. Our frameworks and strategies mirror behavioral science principles. We guide small / medium businesses and startups in making better and sustainable decisions for a value driven growth and consolidation in existing markets and successful expansion into new markets.

As your growth and expansion partners, our process helps your organization discover data driven insights that better integrate your entire business systems with the broader concerns of your organization as it borders on growth and sustainability.

In the modern business world, deals and customers are won or lost in the nuances of brand communication strategy, hence our innovative ideas dare you to challenge the status quo because they are agile, backed by data, behavioral science principles and practical field work and not intuition, gut feeling or guess work.

We are always happy to collaborate with Businesses and Startups in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia who desire to expand into the large market in Africa. “Our knowledge of local business nuances in Africa backed by data bridges the gap for you to Create and Scale Strategic Business Expansion into the African Market”. Whether you are looking to transform, grow or consolidate your business locally, or you are interested in international growth and expansion our team in synergy with your in-house team would be pleased to build and implement models and transformative turnkey solutions to the everyday growth challenges facing your Startup or SME’s in your journey towards sustainable growth in local or international markets.

How does MindCraft help drive business growth differently?

Our counterparts in the market mainly provide motivational training and seminars delivered to a roomful of eager Executives. While there is a place for that, we at MindCraft sometimes incorporate same in our solutions, but our overall strategy addresses deeper organizational issues. Our solutions and frameworks are based on agile business analytics principles which have being successfully deployed in complex Fortune 500 environments.

Whether you are a market leader seeking to consolidate your position through sustainable innovation; a new brand seeking to come in with disruptive innovation, or you are seeking to extend your product offerings and increase market share – you need fast answers, in-depth market insights and intelligence to support your position as an industry leader or market disruptor.

To thrive in today’s shifting market environment; Startups, SMEs and other organizations seeking to be reckoned with the Fortune 500s someday need to tightly align their entire business systems to function truly as a system. Your customer acquisition and retention strategy, your marketing and sales people and processes must be aligned with data driven insight and not intuition alone, to achieve sustainable growth. Partnering with MindCraft will eliminate random acts and ensure you have a growth blue print which can become your organizational unique growth playbook.

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