MindCraft Capabilities and Solutions

1. Business Intelligence Analysis

Market Research and Feasibility Studies, Pricing, Competition, SWOT and PESTEL Analysis for Effective Market Selection:

2. Brand Strategy Development

Customer Discovery, Product Market Fit, Business Model, Route to Market & Digital Transformation Strategy:

3. Product & Category Management

Local Marketing and Promotion, New Product Launch, Guerrilla Marketing, Trade Show and Market Activation Services:

4. Partner & Distributors Management

Wholesale and Retail Partners Search, Recruitment and Management:

5. Customer Service Management

Customer Insights and Segmentation, Customer Experience, and Engagement, Customer Loyalty, Advocacy, and NPS Scheme Measurement:

6. Sales Team Management

Sales force Recruitment, Training, Mentorship and Management:

7.Sales Operation Out-Sourcing

Sales Process, Sales Chanel and Sales Team Out-Sourcing:

8. Digital Transformation

Design + Development, UI + Responsive Design, Content Development, Web Development
UX Optimization, Web Design, Analytics + Marketing, Analytics Activation, National/Local SEO
Paid Advertising, Social Media.

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