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ECOSTORE Shower Cleaner 500ml

$9.95 $8.46 Includes GST

This bathroom & shower cleaner contains the latest generation plant-based ingredients formulated to remove dirt, soap scum and hard waterspotting from all bathroom surfaces, for a sparkling result

ECOSTORE Toilet Cleaner Eucalyptus 500ml

$9.95 $8.46 Includes GST

This is a plant-based cleaner that is tough on germs. This toilet cleaner has been independently proven to kill household germs including E.coli, Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas bacteria. It uses organic eucalyptus oil for a clean and fresh long-lasting fragrance in the bathroom.

KOALA ECO Bathroom Cleaner 500ml

$11.95 $10.16 Includes GST

100% Pure Australian Eucalyptus multi-purpose bathroom cleaner kills bacteria and deodorises. It is especially effective for bathroom and laundry areas. The eco-friendly formula cuts through soap scum, dirt and grime, without using toxic chemicals.